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    The Magic Sleepsuit

    The Magic Sleepsuit is an innovative baby product that provides babies with a cozy, calming, and safe sleep environment. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for babies who have become too big for swaddling, yet still need that warmth and contained feeling to aide in their sleep.


    The Good Nite Lite 
    This is one of my FAVORITE products.

    The "Good Nite Lite" teaches children to stay in bed until it is morning. The Good Nite Lite assists children to better understand concept of nighttime and daytime and reinforce the benefits of appropriate sleep patterns. The Good Nite Lite device itself is an innovative combination of a traditional night light and a built in timer that changes the visual display characteristics to reinforce a regular sleep pattern.


    The Miracle Blanket

    The Miracle Blanket is a wonderful swaddling blanket ideal for babies four months and younger.  





    Kim West's book Good Night Sleep Tight

    Kim West, The Sleep Lady® and nationally respected child and sleep expert, has brought peaceful slumber to many parents and children with her well-thumbed book,Good Night, Sleep Tight. In it West introduced a gentle and effective approach to putting babies and children to sleep that includes her signature step-by-step “Sleep Lady Shuffle.”